Reach qualified, active users, in the most effective way possible with Secure5G — the industry’s most trusted advertising platform

Helping advertisers reach the right user, at the right time, with the right message.

Well-Positioned in the Most Valuable Consumer Categories

Secure5G maintains a database of over 800 million anonymous, proprietary user profiles, targetable across inventory sources, powering our behavioral, contextual and demographic targeting algorithms.

Q:   How does Secure5G determine where my ads will be shown?

A:  Secure5G utilizes its world-class, proprietary targeting technology that places advertising determined by sophisticated behavioral, contextual and demographic targeting algorithms built on top of Secure5G’s massive knowledge base of user interests and behaviors. Secure5G’s advertising is able to consistently generate search-like quality traffic for its advertisers. 

In a typical instance, users are shown relevant ad topics based on their previous actions across our network, combined with matching ads with the specific content they are viewing. Because every ad unit is highly-relevant, advertising generates a significantly higher level of user engagement. Most often, users confirm their interest by clicking one of the contextually relevant ads, which drives them to a search results landing page based on the advertising keyword they clicked on. This multi-tiered verification process ensures that users are legitimately interested in the search result advertising result they click on.

These unique processes and technologies are how Secure5G consistently generates quality equal to search.

Q:   Where will my ads be shown?

A:   Secure5G operates a large owned & operated audience with over 10M monthly active unique users across some of the most valuable consumer verticals. In addition to our O&O traffic, Secure5G maintains long-term relationships with some of the most reputable content publishers in the industry. These content oriented publishers cater to some of the largest and most loyal audiences on the web.

Q:   Who are Secure5G’s publishers?

A:  Secure5G enjoys long-term relationships with some of the biggest publishers on Earth, as well as niche category publishers. Many of our publishers are highly-recognizable content providers in the industry today, sites you probably visit every day.
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